This site is meant for advertising for my book and artwork.  I started truly trying to learn how to improve from "doodling" to actual drawing three months ago.  I truly believe everyone can learn to draw.  Maybe not like Leonardo Da Vinci, but you can cartoon.  Most people think of artwork as a complete work, this is a common misconception I suffered from too.  There are artists whom are only sketch artist, inkers, color artist, there are many jobs inside it.  For more on drawing click on over to the artwork section.


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Nicholas Dunton

My name is Nicholas Dunton.  I am 39 years-old and this is my first publishing, Calica Dawn.  I have been writing poetry most of my life then in my mid-twenties started toying with novel work.  I am happily married with four wonderful children.  In the current economical down turn we have found it harder but with each other we survive.

This is a book about young Calica Dawn and her life after her family is brutally murdered.  On that night she discovers her ability to command sunlight when she twarts her would be Vampire attacker.


This site is here for people to send me art, me to post art, and to promote my book.  I am also hoping people enjoy my goofy side.  Not sure I have other sides but this is the goofy one.




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