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Artwork by Nicholas Dunton

Here is just a start of the art that I plan on adding to this site.  I will also eventually have an area where YOU, YES YOU!, can send me your artwork!  Let me get schooled with your talent with a pen, pencil, brush, etc.  For now enjoy seeing me progress and as I get art from my friend Matt Moore, his artwork too.

I am learning, progressing and getting better(I think).  Let me know what you guys think.  I will upload at least a sketch a week, if not more.  Really depends on my time.  I am using this to track my own progress but not only that.  I believe everyone can draw, maybe not super high detail, but we can all draw.  I am trying to prove that by learning it myself.

These Images are from 7-30-2016 when I started learning up to 9-21-2016.  I want to post as many as I can to show progress in practicing.  I try to do 1-2 whole sketches a day and 2-3 practice pages a day.  I read all I can and reread more.  I would love to take an art class but current do not have the funds.  After this month I will have another addition to my family so life may get hectic.  I will also start a new gallery with new work.  Hopefully I will start being confident enough to add backgrounds soon.

October 2016 Art
With a new addition to the family, Olivia Fayth Elaine, a lot has been going on so less has been done but will upload what I have drawn.

Last few months works late 2017

Been a while, here are some digital works I have done along the way.  I have tried to focus on practicing and not making final drawings to improve my overall quality of work.

Recent ones done on Computer early 2018

These are mostly digital ones I sketched.  There are many, MANY, other in my sketchbook itself.  The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers was a sanctioned piece for someone.

Recent ones done on IPad.

These are mostly digital ones I sketched.  There are many, MANY, other in my sketchbook itself. 

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