Calica Dawn is waiting for you!

"Hey Lady's and Gentlemen!  Calica Dawn here!  I cannot wait for you to read this wonderful book telling my story!  You will read about me finding out about my own abilities and using them to seek revenge.  How as a child I witness my parent's murder at the hand's of vampires and almost lost my mind to sorrow.  The only thing that brought me back was the desire to get vengance and Hannah.  I do not want to ruin to much of it for you so click the link to the left to check it out!"


"Hey Calica!"


"Hmmm?  What Nick?"


"Did you forget to tell the good people something?"


"OH YEAH!!! SILLY ME!!!!  Nick is the greatest writer ever on the planet!"


*Facepalm  "No no, ugh fine!  Ladies and Gentlemen, and aliens too if you are reading, the book is also free with Amazon Prime.  If you have a membership please feel free to check out my book."


"OH YEAH THAT!  Do not forget Nick,  if they own a copy of the book they can lend it to their friends too! Nick, why would aliens know how to read english?"


"Good point Calica, both of them!  Thanks for shedding some light on that.  As always please feel free to leave comments and reviews!  Farewell for now fair readers!"

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